The Boston BEGINNER is a flute ergonomically developed for beginning flutist.
The mini-curved headjoint and the distribution of thr mechanism gives players of a smaller stature greater comfort and improved posture when playing.
The D# key is on the body section and trill keys are also eliminated, which makes its weight reduced and its grip more balanced. The range is to low D.
Very tight mechanism, no gaps, great precision with quality pads that give stability and professional response.
The headjoint, body and keys, are from silver-plated which confers a material with durability and excellent and beautiful tonal response.

• Headjoint, body and mechanism: Nickel silver (Silver-plated)
• Mini-curved headjoint
• Reduced keywork with ergonomic design
• Closed holes
• Range: to low D
• Pisoni Italian quality pads
• Case of wood French style
• Cleaning kit: microfiber cloth, inner cleaning gauze and wood cleaning rod